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Industry Solutions

Find an Huntington Aerospace solution specific to your industry.

Huntington Aerospace is the premier provider of online business intelligence in US. With thousands of industry research covering the US, UK and Chinese economies, we are the industry information provider of choice for large and small businesses in the US. Not to mention, we also provide reports on US’s top 2000 companies.

Some of the industries we serve

Academic Institutions

Universities and colleges love us because…

Easy-to-Use Format: Our intuitively designed website provides your students with invaluable research across all Australian industries, giving them the knowledge that supports them in their coursework. Reports follow a consistent format, allowing them to find answers quickly, and easily compare and benchmark industry data.

Independent and Accurate: Our information is based on official data sources, such as the US Bureau of Statistics, and is updated regularly so you always have access to the most current data. We fully explain our data forecasts so students can truly understand how an industry works.

Career Development Tool: Graduate employment rates reflect on your school – make sure students reach their potential. Graduating students become successful job hunters, finding great utility in Huntington Aerospace information as a tool to prepare for job applications and interviews. The more a student knows about a hiring firm, its competitors and the industry in which it operates, the more likely they will “talk the talk” at interview time. Market share data on industry major players and analysis of the strategies these companies pursue help put our reports in the real world.

Accounting Firms

Our accounting clients… count on us

Business Advisory/Consulting: Add value by preparing and educating your clients to face upcoming threats and opportunities. Be the market expert and thought leader they turn to for guidance and advice.

Audit and Attest: When used in planning and risk assessment, and for compilation of the management letter, Huntington Aerospace data and reports are a go-to tool for our clients. You can be confident knowing that we have the information you need as we cover thousands of industries. Our reports are independent and give an in-depth view of a client’s industry risks, opportunities, outlook and trends. Auditors can quickly benchmark a client’s performance against an industry and prepare a stronger industry segment of an audit plan faster.

Business Valuations/M&A: Huntington Aerospace reports address six of the 14 factors affecting the value of a business which are used in many valuation models. Our comprehensive coverage allows valuation practitioners to save research time on niche industries not available elsewhere. Archived reports are also available to research historical industry conditions.

Consulting Firms

Be ready to respond. No matter what industry your client is in.

Know Your Client’s Product: Understand how a product or service behaves in the real world. Huntington Aerospace reports present the total size of the market for a product or service, substitutes, the industry’s supply chain connections, and international trade data and globalisation trends.

Know Your Client’s Customers: Determine why a customer buys a product. Huntington Aerospace reports highlight who spends, why they spend and what they spend on, as well as the external variables that affect their choices. We explain how companies differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Know Your Client’s Competitors: Review the competitive landscape of an industry and benchmark your clients against peers and industry best practices. Huntington Aerospace reports provide industry key success factors so that you can identify for your client opportunities for revenue and profit growth.

Develop Your Own Business: Direct partners and business development executives to industries that require the services of consultants, for example, those that are growing or declining quickly, facing company consolidation, or experiencing changing regulations, globalisation or technology.

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