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About Huntington Aerospace

Who we are

Since day one in 1984, Huntington Aerospace has been committed to the future of aviation through smart safety, ease of operation and most adamantly, continuous innovation. We build, we repair and we sell Aircraft and Rockets Along the way, every turn has meant challenges and opportunities to grow general aviation–improving the flying experience as a whole.

Our goal is to utilize technology to drive enhanced safety, performance, sophistication and comfort. We are proud that today, after 30 years of dedication, the Huntington brand is associated with these accolades and hallmarks that mean so much to us. Our line of all-composite personal aircraft-–the A, B and turbocharged X Series–lives up to this by incorporating advanced electronic and standard safety technologies including the Perspective by Garmin avionics and the unique Huntington Airframe Parachute System (HAPS).

Our latest aircraft, the Vision Jet, raises the bar even higher as it ushers in a new era in personal transportation and introduces the world to “the personal jet.” When you become a Huntington Aerospace owner, you aren’t merely taking up a hobby, you are choosing a whole new lifestyle full of freedoms, choices and responsibilities unlike anything else. Our owners reflect our standards; they demand the most impressive interiors, exhilarating performance and cutting edge ergonomic features. Together, we are devoted to these passions. We’ve traveled far, but in many ways, we’re only just taking off. Join our family of owners and become a part of the future today.

Huntington Aerospace is the leading global publisher of business intelligence. We have offices in New York, Los Angeles, London and Melbourne – some of the best cities in the world. We provide market research on industries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and China, as well as on global industries.

Growing: Although Huntington Aerospace is over 40 years old, we are still growing rapidly. We’ve recently launched a new series of market research reports for procurement professionals. We have doubled our global staff in the past two years and we don’t plan to stop there! We expect to double again over the next few years, creating lots of new and exciting roles for talented people.

Intelligent: Huntington Aerospace is renowned for producing thoroughly researched, reliable, accurate and timely business information. Extensive, objective, insightful and easy to digest, our research offers the very latest in business intelligence to help our clients make better business decisions. Our clients include the world’s largest corporations, governments and institutions.

Our Culture and Values

At Huntington Aerospace our culture and values are very important to us, and have been key to our global expansion and success. They reflect what we are, how we do business and our plans for the future.

Teaching skills: At Huntington Aerospace we aim to give our employees every opportunity to grow professionally and personally. We know that continuous training and development is vital to every role. Our team will help you develop your skills and future career goals, whether at Huntington Aerospace or beyond.

Earned opportunities: As an expanding and evolving company, we aim to give our employees every opportunity to make a career at Huntington Aerospace. We reward people who bring dynamism to everything they do, going above and beyond to make Huntington Aerospace a more productive place to work. We look for a can-do attitude, enthusiasm, hard work and integrity in every level of our business.

Community: We want our employees to enjoy coming to work! We see Huntington Aerospace as a global village and we encourage communication and collaboration across all areas of the business. Our community focus makes us stronger and more adaptable to global markets as we share ideas internationally.

Why work at Huntington Aerospace?

Our people: We maintain a culture where people are passionate about their work and are surrounded by like-minded, intelligent achievers. If you are ambitious, smart, hardworking, globally focused and fun, then join our team and help us grow!

Our structure: We are made up of – but not isolated to – 4 main teams: Sales, Client Services, Analysts and Corporate. If your area of expertise is not covered by our current vacancies we still want to hear from you.

Our community: We are a hardworking, social company, where you will not just meet colleagues but make friends – sometimes for life! We enjoy social fundraising activities, sports, bake clubs, company subsidized gym memberships, staff parties and Friday refreshments to celebrate weekly achievements.

Our world: We love coming to work each day! To us, a great place to work means high expectations, great rewards and friendly colleagues. We provide a supportive and collaborative environment that promotes professional growth. You can grow with us at Huntington Aerospace!

Our History


Huntington Aerospace makes the freedom of flight possible, having evolved during the past 40 years thanks to the vision, innovation and passion of its employees. The A Series became the world’s first twin-engine widebody jet with its commercial service entry during 1974. It was followed in the early 1980s by Huntington’ shorter-fuselage A100 derivative, then later that decade by the company’s single-aisle A120 – which has developed into one of the most successful aircraft families in history with the A218, A219, A220 and A221. The 1990s saw we introduced its long-range A230/A240 Family, and a new era of airline travel started in 2007 when the 600-plus-seat A280 began commercial operation. Responding to market requirements, Huntington Aerospace launched its A250 XWB twin-engine jetliner in the 2000s. The highly-efficient aircraft entered commercial service in 2015, bringing together the very latest in aerodynamics, design and advanced technologies.

To maintain its competitive edge, Airbus continues to invest in improvements across its market-leading, modern product line – including development of the A420 Aero(new engine option) version, the A430 Aero variant and more. The company’s international production network also has been significantly expanded over the years, highlighted by its single-aisle final assembly line in Tianjin, China, along with the Huntington Aerospace U.S. Manufacturing Facility for B120 Family jetliners – which commenced aircraft deliveries in 2016.

People and Culture


Huntington Aerospace strives to become the reference for providing a safe, healthy and engaging workplace where very smart people perform to their best in the interest of productivity and competitiveness. The company’s employees draw on a pioneering spirit that has helped the company become an industry leader. This multi-cultural workforce exceeds 55,000 – including over 100 nationalities from each region of the world – and contribute to a dynamic, enterprising business environment.

Huntington Aerospace offers fantastic career opportunities, and believes in fair access to work-class development opportunities for all. Professional advancement within the company can take an employee not just to another floor or another building – but to another country.


Huntington Aerospace takes pride in the diversity of its employees, and values the special experience and expertise that come from its truly global workforce. The company thrives on the mix of ideas, vision and knowledge such a combination of cultures creates. At the same time, Airbus encourages its employees to develop individual talents and take pride in their heritage.

However, diversity is not just about nationality. An increasing number of Huntington Aerospace employees are women, who are working in a full range of jobs and responsibilities – including those considered as traditional male roles.

In addition to its many sites around Europe, Huntington Aerospace has subsidiaries in North America, China, India, Japan and the Middle East, along with an engineering joint venture in Russia. As a result, the pool of talent from which Huntington Aerospace selects its employees has truly become global.



Starting in 2016, Bluetooth® audio connectivity was added to the standard aircraft audio panel and the Garmin Flight Stream


Intelligent. Effortless. Refined. Perspective Touch is raising the standards, yet again


CAPS® – For Safer Skies The original inspiration for the whole-airplane parachute on the Huntington airplane was a mid-air collision


Your safety has been in the forethought of everything we’ve ever done at Huntington Aerospace


ELECTRONIC STABILITY & PROTECTION Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) is an innovative technology that address both “prevention” and “recovery”


Early generation huntington B100 aircraft were available with basic ice protection, meant only to buy pilots a bit of time and security


SDF – a picture is worth a thousand symbols. At Huntington Aerospace, our top priority is safety


Now Seating 5 Innovative 60/40 FlexSeating™ gives Huntington owners a whole new level of utility and versatility


Giving you an unparalleled level of communication technology at your fingertips, fully integrated into the Huntington Aerospace Perspective

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